Timepath helps you build better timelines and tell interesting stories. With our online timeline maker you can import any media type you like and create your timeline in minutes. The company was founded by Frido and Arjen.

30 June 2015

Idea was born in Palo Alto

As part of business trip for ZEEF in the valley, the founder of Timepath meets Carlos who runs a hackers house in Palo Alto. During those months he starts interviewing entrepreneurs in the valley and starts a blog to write about their lives. He wants to create a timeline about the career path of the entrepreneurs but quickly discover that there are no easy tools online to build timelines. The idea for Timepath was born.

04 October 2015

Build MVP during SBC

In October 2015 the founder of Timepath joins Startupbootcamp e-commerce program as Entrepreneur in Residence. There he helped SKACE with validation and determining their business model. In his free time he starts validating assumptions about Timepath and builds the first MVP called: Career Path.

01 December 2015

First timeline sold

In December the first timeline was sold on Career path. Later that year the name changed from Career path to Timepath to address a larger audience: Publishers, businesses, education and consumers market. The only problem was that there was no money to hire developers to build the first version of Timepath.

<h2>Live BETA</h2>
26 March 2020


After five years of developing, coding and validating the product, Timepath went live on Friday 27th of March. The product was build with Firebase, Express, React and Node JS also known as the FERN stack.

<h2>First timeline created</h2>
28 March 2020

First timeline created

The first timeline on Timepath was about Dieter Rams and was created by Hugo Noorlander.

Dieter Ram (born 20 May 1932 in Wiesbaden, Hessen) is a German industrial designer and retired academic closely associated with the consumer products company Braun, the furniture company Vitsœ, and the functionalist school of industrial design. His unobtrusive approach and belief in "less but better" design generated a timeless quality in his products and have influenced the design of many products, which also secured Rams worldwide recognition and appreciation.

31 August 2021

AfricaWeb starts using Timepath

AfricaWeb starts using Timepath to build, customize and embed timelines for their international news websites in Africa.

<h2> launches first timelines</h2>
30 December 2021 launches first timelines

On the last day of the year, launches their year overview with a timeline build with TImepath.

18 February 2022 launches first timelines

The first timeline of AD went live on 19th of February about the topic "Two years Corona in The Netherlands".

<h2>Playbill publish first timeline</h2>
02 June 2022

Playbill publish first timeline

In 2022 the ceremony of the 75th Tony Awards were held in Radio City Music Hall, New York. To celebrate the 75th Anniversary Playbill created a timeline of the Tony Awards.

<h2>NRC publish their first timeline</h2>
24 August 2022

NRC publish their first timeline

NRC publish their first timeline about 'Gas winning in Groningen' with Timepath.

06 May 2023

Launch ChatGPT integration

On the 5th of May 2023, Timepath announces the integration with OpenAI ChatGPT. With ChatGPT's advanced language processing and vast knowledge, building accurate timelines has never been easier. By utilizing this powerful tool, you can quickly and efficiently research and add events to your timeline, saving you valuable time and effort. Start integrating ChatGPT into your timeline-building process today and enjoy the benefits of a more detailed and comprehensive timeline.

09 May 2023

Nieuwsblad creates canon van Vlaanderen  launched in collaboration with Timepath, "Canon van Vlaanderen" (Canon of Flanders). This timeline aims to outline key historical events, figures, and cultural milestones that have shaped the region of Flanders in Belgium. By utilizing Timepath's interactive and visually engaging timeline tool, users can delve into the rich history of Flanders and explore significant moments that have influenced its development over the years. This initiative by provides an accessible and educational way for people to learn about the heritage and legacy of Flanders, making history come alive through an innovative digital experience.

11 August 2023

Telegraaf starts using Timepath integrated Timepath as their timeline maker tool to enhance the storytelling experience on their news website. With Timepath, can create captivating timeline stories that engage their audience in a dynamic and visual way. By leveraging this innovative tool, aims to provide their readers with a more immersive and interactive way to consume news and information. 

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