Sanja Nanja

Sanja Nanja

This is the timeline of the member of parliament for Atebubu-Amantin Constituency


03 February 1968


Sanja Nanja, a native of Saboba in the Northern Region of Ghana, was born on February 3, 1968.



10 October 1985


Sanja Nanja's educational journey includes a middle school leaving certificate (1985), a Teacher's Certificate A in Education (1991), a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History (2005), and a degree in Public Administration from CEMPA (2014). 



10 October 2012

Political Journey

Sanja Nanja's political journey began as a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). In 2012, he contested for the Atebubu Amantin seat. Impressively, he secured victory by earning 16,964 votes out of the total 34,411 valid votes cast, accounting for 49.30% of the votes. 



10 December 2016

2016 election

Sanja Nanja's political journey faced a challenge in the 2016 elections when he was unable to maintain his position as a Member of Parliament. This electoral setback was attributed to a ban placed on him by members of the traditional council of his constituency. The ban was a consequence of his conduct, which involved insulting the queen mother of Atebubu Amantin on a radio platform. 



10 December 2020

2020 election

In the 2020 election, Sanja Nanja, representing the NDC, secured a substantial victory with 32,109 votes, accounting for 58.2% of the total votes. His main opponent, Kofi Amoakohene of the NPP, received 22,785 votes, representing 41.3% of the vote share. Hennaa Kwaku Abraham from the PPP garnered a minimal percentage with 318 votes, making up just 0.6% of the total vote count.


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