Samuel Henne Addae

Samuel Henne Addae

The timeline of his political journey in Ghana

15 February 1929

Early Life

Samuel Henne Addae, a prominent Ghanaian politician, was born on February 15, 1929, in Berekum, Ghana.

12 July 1962


Samuel Henne Addae attended the prestigious Achimota Training College, where he honed his skills and acquired valuable knowledge. Subsequently, he pursued higher education at the University of Ghana, earning both a Teachers' Training Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Equipped with these qualifications, he embarked on a career as a teacher before transitioning to the realm of politics.

18 July 1969

Entry into Politics

In 1969, Addae took a significant leap into the world of Ghanaian politics. He emerged as the parliamentary candidate for the Progress Party (PP), representing the Brekum constituency in the Parliament of Ghana. His decision to enter politics marked a turning point in his life and paved the way for his impactful contributions to the nation.

01 October 1969

Sworn into the First Parliament of the Second Republic

Addae's dedication and hard work during the 1969 Ghanaian parliamentary election earned him victory, and he was officially sworn into the First Parliament of the Second Republic of Ghana on October 1, 1969.

18 July 2023

Service to the Nation

As a member of parliament, Addae embraced his role with passion and commitment. He utilized his position to advocate for the interests and welfare of his constituents, working tirelessly to address their needs and concerns. During his time in office, he actively participated in parliamentary discussions and debates, contributing to the development and implementation of crucial policies for the betterment of Ghana.

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