Richard Kweku Abusua-Yedom Quarshie

Richard Kweku Abusua-Yedom Quarshie

A distinguished diplomat, businessman and politician

06 March 1918

Early Life and Education

Richard Kweku Abusua-Yedom Quarshie was born on March 6, 1918, in Ewusiadjo, Ghana. His journey began in the Western Region of Ghana, where he was born. He attended the prestigious Achimota School for his secondary education and further pursued legal studies at Lincoln's Inn in London, qualifying as a Barrister.

19 July 1940


After entering the Civil Service in 1940, Quarshie took on the role of Labor Officer in 1945. In 1956, he joined the Foreign Service, marking the beginning of his diplomatic endeavors. Subsequently, in 1963, he assumed the position of Sub-director and Resident Director of the Consolidated African Selection Trust Ltd. (CAST), involved in diamond mining. Additionally, he played a pivotal role as the Founding President of the Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC) from July 1, 1968. Later, Quarshie held the esteemed position of President of the Ghana Cocoa Board.

22 November 1960

Diplomatic Duties

Quarshie was one of Ghana's pioneering diplomats, instrumental in establishing missions in London and Paris. On November 22, 1960, he was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs and sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo. His mission was to replace Nathaniel Welbeck, the Ghanaian ambassador to Congo, whose residence was under siege due to allegations of conspiring against Mobutu's regime with the then deposed Patrice Lumumba. Quarshie encountered tense moments, being briefly arrested by Congolese soldiers during his stay.

13 January 1972

Political Engagement

During the NLC era, Quarshie's expertise was recognized, and he was appointed as a Commissioner for Trade and Industry. In the first parliament of the second republic, he represented the Ahanta constituency. Notably, Quarshie served as the Minister for Trade and Industries. His tenure in this position lasted until January 13, 1972, when the Busia government was overthrown by the SMC.

19 July 2023

Personal Life

Apart from his illustrious career, Richard Kweku Abusua-Yedom Quarshie had a rich personal life. He was married to Emma Wilhelmina Philips, and in addition to their union, he had a traditional marriage to Elizabeth Oheneba Akua Asafu-Adjaye, with whom he had five sons: Alan, Richard, James, Mordecai, and Michael Quarshie. One of his sons, Hugh Quarshie, became a notable British actor.