Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr

Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr

This is a timeline of the member of Parliament for Agona East Constituency

01 July 1964


Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr was born on July 1, 1964, in Agona Kwanyako, located in the Central Region of Ghana.

04 August 1965


Queenstar Maame Pokua received her higher national diploma from Accra Technical University, which laid the foundation for her future success. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Public Administration from Atlantic International University. 

06 May 1970


Sawyerr is not only a prominent politician but also a successful businesswoman. Before entering politics, she served as the CEO of Queenstar Real Estates Company Limited, where her business acumen allowed her to thrive in the real estate industry.

15 December 2013


Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr is a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). She has been representing the Agona East Constituency in the Central Region of Ghana in Parliament since 2013. In the 2020 Ghanaian general elections, Sawyerr won the Agona East parliamentary seat with 23,247 votes, securing 50.6% of the total votes cast. This electoral victory demonstrates her popularity and her ability to connect with the people she serves.

28 December 2023


Sawyerr is an active member of several parliamentary committees, including the Youth, Sports and Culture Committee, the Public Accounts Committee, and the Education Committee. Her involvement in these committees reflects her dedication to improving the lives of Ghanaians, especially in areas related to youth, education, and public accountability.

28 December 2023


For over a decade, Sawyerr has been spearheading the Maame Pokua Loan Scheme (MPLS). This scheme provides interest-free loans to women traders in her constituency, enabling them to expand their businesses and improve their livelihoods. Additionally, she has supported education by providing mathematical sets to over 1400 students who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). In 2017, Sawyerr organized health screenings for widows and the elderly in Gomoa Adzentum in the Gomoa East Constituency. She has also extended her support to the Muslim community by presenting food items during Ramadan. 

28 December 2023


In October 2020, Queenstar Maame Pokua Sawyerr faced controversy when she was banned from campaigning on the land of Agona by Nana Kojo Amuakwa V, the Chief of Agona Duakwa. Allegations were made that she claimed to have paid the chief a certain amount of money for a project, which the chief denied. This incident highlighted the complex nature of local politics in Ghana.

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