Prosper Douglas Kwaku Bani

Prosper Douglas Kwaku Bani

Prosper Douglas Kwaku Bani is a Ghanaian international aid and development manager and politician who is a former Chief of staff of Ghana


Early life and Education
30 June 1981

Early life and Education

Bani, an Ewe from Kpando, Ghana, graduated from the University of Ghana with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and sociology. He later earned a Master of Arts in Development Studies, an accomplishment certificate in international development studies, and a Master of Arts degree in comparative politics and government from the University of Texas in Austin.


04 July 1984


He served as a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where he began his professional career. He progressed during that time to become a senior lecturer and director of studies, and in those capacities, he helped Ghana's top media executives and journalists get their start in the industry.


06 July 1994


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United Nations
02 July 1996

United Nations

He served the UN for a significant amount of time, first as project manager for the community-based peace and trust building initiative in Tajikistan, which was run by the UNDP. He served as a program specialist for peace and confidence-building initiatives at the United Nations Volunteers Program, an arm of the UNDP, in Geneva from November 1999 to August 2002.


02 July 2003


Between September 2003 and February 2006, he progressed to become a Small Arms and Demobilizations Specialist and, at one point, the Acting Team Leader of the Small Arms and Demobilization Unit under the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) of UNDP.


08 July 2008

International peace-building

He is a senior manager and specialist in international peace-building and development processes. For over 15 years, he led innovative processes in peace and development with the United Nations in several locations worldwide.


04 July 2013

Chief of Staff

He was chosen by President John Dramani Mahama on January 8, 2013, after he had been sworn in on January 7, to succeed John Henry Martey Newman as Chief of Staff.


06 July 2016

Interior minister

John Dramani Mahama appointed Bani as the interior minister.Mark Woyongo, who had been promoted to the presidency to serve as Minister of State, was replaced by him.People in his hometown of Kpando were extremely happy and excited about his appointment.

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