Liz Benson

Liz Benson

Elizabeth Benson is a Nigerian actress, television personality and philanthropist

05 April 1966


Liz Benson was born on 5 April 1966 

12 July 1980

Early life and education

Liz, born in Etinan, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, pursued her passion for acting from a young age and eventually earned a degree in Dramatic Arts from Sylvania State College in the United States.

12 July 1994


Liz Benson achieved early success in the film industry, starring in the television soap opera Fortunes and gaining recognition for her role in the film Glamour Girls, but unexpectedly quit acting in 1996; however, she later returned to Nollywood as a born-again Christian, dedicating herself to preaching the gospel and agreeing to act in films that align with her faith.

12 July 2023

Personal life

After losing her first husband in her mid-twenties, Liz Benson found strength in his character and carried on with her children, eventually remarrying Bishop Great Ameye in 2009, with whom she runs a Christian Evangelical Ministry called Freedom Family Assembly in Delta State.

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