Joseph Kofi Amankwah

Joseph Kofi Amankwah

A Prominent Ghanaian Politician from Wenchi West


04 July 1934

Early Life

Born in 1934 in Ghana, Joseph Kofi Amankwah hailed from a humble background. Growing up in Ghana, he witnessed the socio-political challenges faced by his country and developed a passion for driving positive change within the political sphere.


04 July 1967


Recognizing the importance of education in shaping the future, Joseph Amankwah pursued his academic journey diligently. He attended the School of Social Welfare in Accra, where he obtained his G.C.E. Advanced level Certificate in Social Work and Probation Services. This educational foundation provided him with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively in his future political endeavors.


01 October 1969

Political Career

Joseph Amankwah's political career began to take shape when he successfully contested and won the parliamentary seat for the Wenchi West constituency on October 1, 1969. Representing the Progress Party, he served as a member of parliament with dedication and commitment. Throughout his tenure, he actively engaged in legislative processes, advocating for the interests and welfare of his constituents.


27 June 2023


Joseph Kofi Amankwah's contributions to the political history of Ghana left a lasting impact on his constituency and the nation as a whole. Through his representation, he raised important issues, advocated for equitable policies, and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Ghanaians. His legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring politicians and a testament to the power of dedicated individuals to effect meaningful change within their communities.

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