Hannah Afriyie

Hannah Afriyie

Ghana's Prominent Track and Field Athlete

21 December 1951

Early Life

Born on December 21, 1951 and raised in Ghana, Afriyie discovered her passion for athletics at a young age. With an unwavering determination and exceptional speed, she swiftly gained recognition in the track and field community.

07 July 1972

Participation in the 1972 Summer Olympics

In 1972, Afriyie had the honor of representing Ghana at the prestigious Summer Olympics. Competing in the 100 meters and 200 meters events, she demonstrated her ability to compete at the highest level. Although she reached the quarter-finals in both events, her participation showcased her talent on a global platform.

08 July 1977

West African Games and Medal Win

Afriyie's dedication and consistent performances extended beyond continental and international competitions. In 1977, she participated in the West African games held in Lagos, where she secured the silver medal in the 100 meters event. This achievement highlighted her versatility and the recognition she received throughout the region.

07 July 1978

Successes at the All-Africa Games

One of Afriyie's most notable achievements came at the 1978 All-Africa Games in Algiers. Representing Ghana, she competed in the 100 and 200 meters sprints, where her incredible speed and agility propelled her to victory. Displaying exceptional form, she secured gold medals in both events, etching her name in Ghanaian athletic history.

09 July 1978

Personal Bests and Additional Recognition

Throughout her career, Afriyie set impressive personal bests that demonstrated her exceptional speed and skill. Her personal best in the 100 meters stood at 11.47 seconds, achieved in 1978, while her personal best in the 200 meters was 23.01 seconds, also attained that same year. Additionally, she was listed in the esteemed group of Olympians who won a medal at the British Empire/Commonwealth Games, with a bronze medal in the 4x100 meters relay event in 1974, held in Christchurch.

07 July 2023

Legacy and Impact

Hannah Afriyie's achievements and contributions to Ghanaian athletics continue to inspire generations of athletes. Her dedication, talent, and remarkable performances on the international stage have solidified her status as a national sporting icon. By blazing a trail in track and field, Afriyie remains an influential figure in Ghana's sporting history, reminding us of the incredible heights that can be achieved through hard work and unwavering passion.

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