Diana Ankomah

Diana Ankomah

A Prominent Ghanaian Footballer


19 September 1989


Diana Ankomah was born on September 19, 1989, in Ghana.


Rise to Prominence
27 June 1990

Rise to Prominence

Ankomah's talent and hard work paved the way for her inclusion in the Ghana women's national football team. As a forward, she possesses remarkable speed, agility, and a keen eye for goal.


27 June 2000

Notable Achievements

One of the most significant milestones in Diana Ankomah's career came during the 2014 African Women's Championship. Representing Ghana, she showcased her skills on the continental stage, leaving a lasting impact on both teammates and opponents. Her performances in the tournament not only demonstrated her individual prowess but also helped elevate the team's overall performance. Ankomah's dedication and contributions earned her recognition as a rising star in African women's football.


27 June 2023

Future Prospects

With her exceptional talent and commitment, Diana Ankomah's future in football looks promising. As she continues to represent Ghana, she aims to inspire the next generation of female footballers in her country and beyond. Her dedication to the sport and her team serves as a testament to her unwavering passion for football.

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