Chuma Mmeka

Chuma Mmeka

A multitalented act in Nigerian entertainment and literature


21 June 1975

Early Life and Background

Chuma Mmeka was born on June 21, 1975, to Enyi Jim I. Mmeka and Lolo Jossy C. Mmeka, into a polygamous family. His childhood was marred by his parents' separation, which resulted in his exposure to child abuse and humiliation by abusive maternal relatives. These early experiences have greatly influenced his writing style and social approach, as he seeks to address societal issues through his artistic expressions.


12 July 1988

Literary and Artistic Achievements

Chuma Mmeka's literary talent emerged at a young age, with his first recognition coming at the age of 13 when he won the Maryam Babangida Children's Poetry Prize in Nigeria. Since then, he has been a prolific writer, focusing on poetry that portrays the oppression of women, showcases African cultural traditions, and incorporates feminist perspectives. His poems have been included in prestigious anthologies such as the "Best New African Poets 2015 and 2016 Anthologies," garnering international acclaim.


12 July 2007

Acting Career and Filmography

Chuma Mmeka has made a significant impact in Nigeria's vibrant film industry, popularly known as Nollywood. He has appeared in numerous films, showcasing his acting prowess and versatility. Some of his notable works include "Beyond Beauty," "The King Must Marry A Strange Virgin," "The 3 Idiots," "The Arrogant Sisters," "I Chose A Dirty Palace Maid," "Broken Smile," "Our Village Priest," "The Village Girl," "The Crippled Maid," and "My Gateman Stole My Heart On Saturday." Chuma Mmeka has worked alongside esteemed actors and actresses, contributing to the growth and development of Nollywood.


12 July 2009

Humanitarian Contributions

Apart from his creative endeavors, Chuma Mmeka is deeply committed to humanitarian work, particularly in the area of child support and protection. In 2009, he initiated "The Safe Child Project," a quarterly support program for 1000 orphans in Imo State. Furthermore, he has organized events and programs aimed at empowering youths across Africa, providing them with practical skills and opportunities.

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