Alex Blankson

Alex Blankson

This is the timeline of the member of parliament for Akrofuom Constituency 

26 December 1980


Alex Blankson was born on December 26, 1980, in Adansi Akrofuom.

31 December 1999


 Blankson's educational journey began at Adisadel College, a prestigious institution that laid the foundation for his academic and personal growth. In 1999, he earned his Senior Secondary School Certificate.

06 January 2000

Career Achievements

Before venturing into politics, Alex Blankson served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Day by Day Healthcare Limited.

02 May 2020

Political Journey

Blankson's political journey gained momentum when he decided to contest for the Akrofuom seat in the 2020 general election. In a highly competitive race, he faced opponents Joseph Azumah of the NDC and Prosper Maar of the NDP. The results reflected the trust the constituents placed in him, as he secured 11,992 votes, representing 58.51% of the total valid votes.


03 February 2021

Ghana Heavy Equipment Limited

In recognition of his dedication, Alex Blankson was sworn in as a board member in a seven-member governing body of Ghana Heavy Equipment Limited in 2021. This appointment underscored his commitment to enhancing economic development and job creation in Ghana.

31 December 2023

Committee Involvement

In addition to his duties as a member of parliament, Blankson is actively involved in various parliamentary committees. He serves on the Youth, Sports, and Culture Committee, focusing on initiatives that empower the youth and promote cultural enrichment. Furthermore, he is a member of the Special Budget Committee.

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