Abimbola Roli Craig

Abimbola Roli Craig

From Law to Acting Stardom


03 November 1986

Early Life and Education

Abimbola Roli Craig, born on November 3rd, 1986 in Warri, Delta State, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Abimbola, the second of three children, spent her formative years in Lagos. She attended Starland Primary School and later pursued her high school education at Air Force Comprehensive School in Ibadan. After completing her A-levels at Oxbridge College, she enrolled at the University of Buckingham, where she studied Law. Subsequently, she returned to Nigeria, attended Law school, and was called to the Bar the following year.


07 July 2010

Professional Career

Abimbola embarked on a successful career in law, practicing for a span of seven years. She gained valuable experience at esteemed law firms such as Webber George Egbe Solicitors and Stream Sowers & Kohn, where she worked as an associate. However, her passion for acting eventually took center stage in her life.


07 July 2015

Breakthrough Role (Skinny Girl in Transit)

Abimbola's talent as an actress came to the forefront when she secured the role of Tiwalade in the popular web series, 'Skinny Girl in Transit.' Produced by Ndani TV, the series revolves around the comedic journey of a young Nigerian woman striving to lose weight. 'Skinny Girl in Transit' garnered immense popularity, and its first episode premiered in 2015. Abimbola's portrayal of Tiwalade's character earned her critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Actress in a comedy at the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2016.


07 July 2019

Involvement in Film Production

In addition to her acting career, Abimbola Craig ventured into film production. She co-produced the successful box office movie "Sugar Rush" in 2019, alongside Jadesola Osiberu. Her contributions to the Nigerian film industry extend beyond her on-screen performances.


07 July 2023

Head of Production at Ndani Communications

Abimbola Craig currently holds the position of Head of Production at Ndani Communications, also known as Ndani TV. In this role, she oversees the production of various shows, including 'Skinny Girl in Transit,' 'Phases,' 'Rumor Has It,' and 'The Juice.' Ndani TV has earned a reputation for its compelling content, and Abimbola plays a crucial role in its continued success.


07 July 2023

Personal Life and Health Challenge

Throughout her life, Abimbola has faced personal challenges, particularly related to her weight. In 2014, she encountered a major health hurdle when diagnosed with a brain tumor. Faced with the difficult choice between surgery and a lifetime of medication, Abimbola bravely opted for the former. Her surgery proved successful, and she emerged as an inspiration for many individuals facing similar health issues.

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