Kingsley Abayie

Kingsley Abayie

A Ghanaian Politician's Journey in the 1st Parliament of the 2nd Republic

18 July 1957

The Start of his political journey

Kingsley Abayie's journey in politics began in his home country, Ghana. Born and raised in this vibrant West African nation, he grew up witnessing the changing tides of the country's political landscape. Ghana, having achieved independence in 1957, was still relatively young in its democratic endeavors during Abayie's time.

29 August 1969

Electoral Victory

In 1969, the political climate in Ghana was marked by the advent of the 2nd Republic, and Abayie seized the opportunity to enter the political fray. On August 29th, 1969, he ran for the parliamentary seat representing the Sekyere Constituency, standing as a candidate for the Progress Party. Amidst a keenly contested election, Kingsley Abayie emerged victorious, garnering an impressive 6369 votes. His closest rival, Paul Kwame Boateng of the National Alliance of Liberals, secured 885 votes.

01 October 1969

Sworn into Office

Upon his election, Kingsley Abayie was officially sworn into office on October 1st, 1969, as the Member of Parliament for the Sekyere Constituency. This marked the commencement of his parliamentary service, during which he would represent the interests and concerns of his constituents at the national level. As an MP, Abayie actively participated in parliamentary proceedings, debates, and discussions, advocating for policies and initiatives that would uplift the lives of Ghanaians.

18 July 2023

Legacy and Impact

Kingsley Abayie's term in office extended from 1969 to 1972, during which he left an indelible mark on Ghanaian politics. His dedication to public service and commitment to the welfare of his constituents earned him admiration and respect from both his colleagues and the people he represented. Beyond his immediate impact in parliament, Abayie's legacy extends to inspiring future generations of Ghanaian politicians. His journey from a local politician to a national representative serves as a testament to the potential of determined individuals to effect positive change through democratic means.

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